Service Description

     Kreative Learning Resource Center will offer the following three services:

    •       Description: Bullet Tutorial services
    •       Description: Bullet Homework assistance
    •       Description: Bullet Summer Camp (summer 2012)
    •       Description: Bullet Support services for families


Tutoring subjects:

  •       Bullet Reading and Language Arts
  •       Bullet Writing

          Bullet Mathematics

  •       Bullet Study Skills
  •       Bullet Standardized Test Prep
  •       Bullet High School Entrance Exam preparation
  •       Bullet GED
  • And much more!
  • Tutoring sessions may be scheduled at home, libraries, community centers or religious facilities. Call today for your free consultation.

Our process is simple:
1) We begin with a comprehensive skills assessment, an examination of standardized test scores, and other school information.  With this information, we develop a student learning plan with specific, measurable and attainable goals and objectives for the student. 

2) Additionally, periodic formative assessments are used to monitor the student’s growth.  Monthly Progress reports are presented to parents and teachers.

3) Post assessments are given to measure student growth.

4) A final report will be given to parents indicating the strengths and weaknesses of students. 

5) We celebrate learning at the end of the program by inviting parents, tutors, and students to a Program Completion Ceremony.  At this ceremony, we celebrate student gains and regular attendance.